Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wilson Gluten Free R.O.C.K. (raising our celiac kids)

Last Saturday (May 12, 2012) our support group had our first "R.O.C.K. Party." If you aren't familiar with  R.O.C.K , it's a coalition of celiac/gluten free support groups that was started in 1991 by Danna Korn after her son Tyler was diagnosed with celiac disease. Our group became a member of  R.O.C.K. this May.

I'm thrilled that our local support group is now a part of this national coalition of groups! The three main reasons I chose for us to be affiliated with  R.O.C.K  are:

  1. Keeping a positive attitude! The primary principal behind R.O.C.K. is keeping a positive attitude for kids and adults alike! Being gluten free is hard! It's even harder if we have a negative attitude about changing our diet and our lifestyles... instead let's celebrate how much better we feel and how awesome life can be gluten free!
  2. Gluten Free FUN for all ages! While R.O.C.K. is geared towards parents and kids, this group is really a support group for ALL ages. R.O.C.K. can remind us how we really need to have fun, despite the challenges of being gluten free. Kids just want to have fun and enjoy life and we need to do that too! As adults we can really forget how fun life can be! Our bi-monthly ROCK parties, will help remind you! 
  3. A FREE Support Group! Cost shouldn't stop you from being a part of a support group. While we may ask you to bring supplies in, make a homemade snack, purchase drinks or paper plates... you will never have to pay a yearly or monthly fee to be a part of our group! We want you to come, enjoy yourselves, and have no worries while you learn all about being gluten free! 
If you'd like to read some resources that share about the principles behind what ROCK stands for, please check out Danna Korn's books